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Infuze Hydration Starter Kit

Infuse Hydration’s Starter Kit is the ultimate water delivery system that can introduce flavored water enhancement elixirs and allow you to control the intensity of flavor. The star of this pack is Infuze’s insulated water bottle, or ‘ vessel,’ that has a built-in straw so you can drink without having to tilt your head back. 

The mouthpiece folds down and it seals nicely so it doesn’t leak and it holds the temperature of liquids really well. However, the coolest feature by far is the Vessel allows you to enhance your water to make it better hydrating and add some flavor while being able to adjust the ratio of water to water enhancement or what they refer to as ‘Elixers’.  How it works is incredible; It has a cartridge that fits in the lid, it just slides right out and you can fill it up with whatever flavor elixir you prefer.  After you slide the cartridge back in you can adjust the level of flavor/hydration to whatever you’re feeling. You can turn the dial all the way down if you want a break and drink some regular old water or crank it all the way up.

The Infuze Starter pack comes with an Infuze Vessel or Hydro and a 5 elixir subscription which is an absolute STEAL especially if you’re an athlete looking to stay consistently hydrated, or just like flavored things.
If you drink Gatorade, Powerade, or any kind of hydration formula often then this is kind of a no-brainer to pick up. 

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