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Nakee Butter

Picture this, you are up high on the belay ledge, halfway through your multipitch adventure, and it is time to refuel before the push to the summit.  Ditch the utensils and the weighty bars with the Nakee Butter, a unique nutrition solution.  Chock full of protein and energy, these squeeze packs are a sweet combination of peanuts, mct oil, pea protein cacao, and agave nectar.  Reward yourself post climb with Nakee Butter on top of a favorite snack, and see why this makes the list of innovative climbing gear.  

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Huppy Bar

Fuel up on your adventure with Huppy Bars.  Created in Arizona, where year round climbing abounds, these natural snacks live on the corner of healthy, great tasting, and nutritious.  A wide selection of flavors are available from chocolate to fruit forward options, although our favorite is the Wild Mesquite.  These innovative bars will improve your outdoor climbing trips; keeping you topped up with energy, and satisfied by intense flavors.   

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Sublime Climbing Brush

Grungy holds, begone!  Wipe chalk, dirt, and debris out of your way with the Sublime Climbing Brush.  It is the premier choice for climbers of all disciplines, and is eco friendly.  Made from recycled plastic, it also sports heavy-duty boar hair bristles for maximum brushing power.  Despite what your dentist says, it won’t take two minutes of brushing to get the job done! What makes it on the list of innovative climbing gear, is the secret compartment, found in the handle.  We won’t tell you what to store there, but we will tell you to go out and get this amazing brush!

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Butora Climbing Shoes

When all that is holding you to the wall is a barely visible footchip, you rely on your footwork and your footwear to keep you upright and moving upwards.  Slip on, strap on, or lace up a pair of Butoras to help you get the job done, and do it with style too.  A myriad of styles from flat to aggressive all come armed with sticky proprietary Neo rubber that smears, edges, and performs on all rock types.  The option to purchase Butora shoes in wide sizes sets them apart, and makes them a “shoe in” for the list of the best climbing gear for 2020. 

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So Ill 

What started as climbing enthusiasts building makeshift walls in basements, has evolved into a renowned brand in the sport.  They design and produce almost everything for your climbing needs, from shoes, unique climbing holds, and apparel.  Their climbing shoes, which started as a humble kickstarter project, are now seen at every gym and crag, and with good reason!  They bear their trademark style, and are armed with their proprietary Dark Matter rubber, which is suitable for indoor training and outdoor sessions alike.  Whether you nab a pair of shoes, climbing holds, or climber specific apparel from So Ill, you can be certain you are getting some of the most innovative climbing footwear and gear.

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DMM Classic Rope Bag 32L 

A crucial element of climbing is rope management; keeping strands coiled and tangle-free makes climbing safe and hassle free.  When it is time to head home for the day, rope management means portaging up to 80m of your lifeline back across rugged terrain.  In steps the DMM classic rope bag to save the day and make the list of innovative climbing gear. Modular straps allow the bag to work as a backpack or courier style, while zippered pockets keep your personal items secure.  Inside the bag is a deployable tarp that keeps your rope free from dirt and other harmful items.  

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This classic belay device has made waves in the climbing community ever since its inception, and is an easy choice for 2020’s most innovative climbing gear.  In fact, it’s been an easy pick for the list every year; come find out why. The GRIGRI is an assisted belay device, which means that it operates like a normal belay device, but adds an additional element of safety and control when holding, catching, or lowering a climber.  Feeding rope and taking up slack are done with the same movements used on a traditional belay device, but when a climber falls or is hanging, the device cams (pinches the rope) and keeps the rope from moving.  Lowering a climber from the top is done through a lever that allows for precise and smooth lowering. 

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Grip Trainer Forearm Strength Gripper 

A successful rock climbing season starts long before the weather and conditions are climb ready.  Training in the off season, although often overlooked, is paramount to helping you nag your long standing projects.  Legs, core, and arms are important to work, but do not forget to strengthen your fingers too.  Next on the list of innovative climbing gear, is the Grip Pro Trainer.  Daily exercise with this simple device will develop key muscles and fortify your tendons.  It is also a great tool for warming up before hitting the day’s first route.  

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Misty Mountain

One of America’s most iconic mountain ranges, the Appalachians, is miles full of wilderness and countless climbing opportunities.  It is also home to one of America’s finest manufacturers of climbing gear.  Misty Mountain has long provided the sport of climbing with quality harnesses, crashpads, and much more.  Every year they crank out innovative climbing gear, while still staying true to their roots.  Gear up with Misty Mountain products and you will be supporting local manufacturers, as well as getting quality goods.  

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Rhino Skin Solutions 

Next up on the list of innovative climbing gear is an invaluable tool for recovery and performance alike.  Scaling granite walls or battling sandstone boulders can take a toll on your hands, namely the skin.  Once that dermal layer is damaged or worn off, it makes gripping painful or even impossible.  Fortunately, Rhino Skin Solutions has a myriad of products designed to protect, heal, and revitalize your skin.  From post climb skin care salves, to moisture controlling sprays to help during a climb, Rhino Skin Solutions will help you get up your project and be ready to tackle the next one tomorrow.   

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Suunto Core 

Rock climbers are much like the stone they traverse and climb; they are strong, tough, and gritty.  Without expectation, these are the same qualities you expect from your gear.  Not many watches meet those criteria, but the Suunto Core does, and goes beyond as well.   A rugged case houses a simple yet robust face.  Beyond time of day and normal watch features, the Core packs a thermometer, altimeter, barometer, compass, and storm warning indicator.  Jam packed with useful features, this watch is the only one to make it onto the innovative climbing gear list.  

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Climb the impossible with the help of this unparalleled harness. Ultralightweight and utility, the Petzl Fly is absolutely cutting edge.  It pushes harness technologies to the limit to give you comfort, security, and a “nothing’s-there” feel.  Weighing in at only 130g, the harness is one of the lightest in the market, and it easily folds up for packing away.  Another amazing feature of this harness is that it boasts the ability to be donned while keeping both feet on the ground.  Chalk full of creative designs, the Fly is an easy add to our innovative climbing gear list for 2020.  

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