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Interesting Outdoor Apparel Brands

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Engineered and designed for over 30 years in the verdant Czech Republic, Tilak apparel is a cool outdoor apparel brand for when the weather gets cold.  Their motto is, “nothing less than top quality”, which is seen in every one of their designs.  The flagship jacket, the Raptor, is a perfect example of all that Tilak has to offer.  Full waterproof stitching and design means you stay dry no matter the forecast.  The impermeable GORE-TEX material is triple layered and is highly durable, as your gear should be.  Whether you are downhill skiing, ascending a peak, or heading out for a winter’s night on the town, your Tilak jacket will be there to keep you stylish and comfortable.

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Borealis Wool Co

If you want apparel that is sustainable, soft, biodegradable,durable, breathable, and antibacterial, then you need it to be made of merino wool.  Borealis Wool Co makes all of their products out of this versatile and renewable material.  Not only is their product top-shelf quality, it is designed with your next outdoor adventure in mind.  The creators are avid outdoorsmen and women, and you will see specific features and high standards woven into every Borealis Wool Co piece.  When gearing up for the outdoor season, make your first stop this interesting outdoor apparel brand.

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Mountain Standard

Mountain Standard is the outfitter of the adventure ready spirit.  Their goods are designed in Colorado where outdoor sports and opportunities are as abundant as the peaks are tall.  From fleece jackets to parkas to cozy merino wool socks, Mountain Standard has something for all of your needs.  What’s more is that quality gear won’t break the bank when you take advantage of their numerous sales, which makes them an interesting outdoor apparel brand that doesn’t break the bank!

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Kathmandu Outdoor

What makes a clothing brand stand out among others?  For many, it is their unique stylish designs.  Others say durability and functionality are paramount.  While many people cite that a brand’s pledge to sustainability is a key factor as well.  When a company nails all three of these components, they deserve to be on the list of interesting outdoor apparel brands.  Kathmandu checks all of these boxes, and then some.  Their men and women’s apparel are designed with travel and adventure in mind, and they include clever features like convertible designs for all weather, and RFID protection pockets.

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Goose Feet Gear

“The cold never bothered me anyway”, famous words, and something you are sure to hear from anyone lucky enough to own any Goose Feet Gear.  Custom made-to-order jackets and quilts, pants, socks, and balaclavas are all available for purchase, and are guaranteed to keep you warm even on the coldest of expeditions.  As this interesting outdoor apparel brand name implies, goose feathers are key to the operation.  Their down feathers are more resilient and durable than duck feathers, which are used by most other brands.  No matter your adventure, if you clad yourself with gear from Goose Feet, you will be comfortable.

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If you are looking for the swiss army knife of pants, then check out Duer.  Stretchy yet durable fabric, athletic yet perfect for a night on the town, these bottoms can do it all.  The idea of having just one or two pieces of clothing for the whole year is what makes Duer one very cool apparel brand. Choose between breathable “hot weather” or fleece woven “cold weather” options to suit your needs; either model will come with reinforced stitching, and hidden gusset design, and the prospect of many complements

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Livsn Designs 

What makes Livsn Designs one of the top cool apparel brands?  Just a few words; sustainable, comfortable, and durable.  These are the hallmarks that sum up all of their goods, and their impeccable customer service.  Their flagship product, the flex canvas pants, are meant to go from the crag to cafe with stylish looks but uncompromising performance.  Organic and recycled materials mean that these pants are easy on Mother Earth, but tough and thoughtful construction means you don’t have to go easy on them.

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When you need apparel as rugged as the Grand Tetons, and as cool as their snow capped peaks, turn to Give’r.  Created in the shadow of the Tetons, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Give’r is all about durability and everyday practicality.  Their waterproof leather gloves are bombproof and can handle anything you throw at them, while their apparel and headwear are stylish and comfy.  Born from adventure and ready to go on your next one, Give’r gear is definitely the epitome of a cool outdoor apparel brand.

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Whether your outdoor adventures are on your backyard trail, or up the steep slopes of Mt. Fuji, Nanga has you covered.  Unique features and timeless designs are both hallmarks of this cool outdoor apparel brand, you are bound to cherish your gear from Nanga forever.  Their down jackets are comfy yet able to protect against the harshest of winter weather.  Glow in the dark zipper tabs make for easy maneuvering in the dark, and is one of the most unique features we have seen.

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The vision of Foehn is, “blending performance, beauty and everyday use.”  The belief that outdoor gear can look and feel good is one of the hallmarks of the brand, and they do it well.  Their ambassadors take their gear up mountains, around the world, and on nights out on the town.  The style and design of Foehn rejects mediocrity, and you will discover that their clothes will be in your closet for years to come.  Try out a shirt or pair of pants from Foehn and discover why they are a cool outdoor apparel brand!

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Boulder Denim 

Made from organic cotton, these climbing specific pants are soft, flexible, and tough.  Stitching details like a gusseted crotch allow for movement, while cordura is woven into the fabric to make them tougher than the average pair of jeans.  A hidden zipper pocket holds your phone so you can nab a victory selfie at the top, and they will look great when you roll back into town.  Boulder Denim lets you dress a little bolder and go farther, which makes them one of the best outdoor apparel brands of 2020.

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Jack Wolfskin 

Jack Wolfskin’s mission is “to create on-trend, enduring gear and clothing so all can experience the benefits of the outdoors.”  They do exactly that with every piece of apparel in their lineup, and their years of experience in the industry show.  They are a leader in ethical sourcing, using sustainable practices, and giving back to the environment.  Loving the outdoors and gearing up for adventures has never been easier with Jack Wolfskin, one of the very best outdoor apparel brands of 2020.

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