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Jackson Hole Fly Co. Yellowstone II Fly Rod & Reel Kit | RY Outfitters First Look

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Yellowstone II Fly Rod Kit

Whether you’re looking to break into Fly Fishing or just looking to upgrade your gear, Jackson Hole Fly Co. is a great place to start, and their Fly Rod and Reel Kit have everything you need for a new setup. The Kit includes their Yellowstone II Fly Rod, Yellowstone Grizzly Fly Reel, silvertip weight forward fly line, fly line backing, and leader line. Already have some of the gear? Not a problem, each of these items are sold separately. Jackson Hole Fly Company has been making their gear in-house, since 1978 so they aren’t exactly spring chickens when it comes to fly fishing. They know their stuff, and more important positioned themselves to make it easy for beginners to get into the sport without intimidation while serving season fly fishing veterans exactly what they’re looking for.

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