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Just Coffee Co-Op | RY Outfitters Spotlight

Sustainable, Flavorful Coffee

Coffee. We all love it, but we all know that it’s an industry that has a big footprint and doesn’t care about the farmers. Or at least that was the case before Just Coffee Cooperative started their sustainable and community-based fair trade and organic coffee.

Just Coffee Cooperative is a worker-owned, small batch coffee roaster located in Madison, WI. They are dedicated to embodying a model of trade that’s based on transparency, human dignity and environmental sustainability. In an industry that doesn’t project farmers, Just Coffee is committed to building long-term relationships with small-scale coffee growers to bring you a truly incredible cup of coffee.

All of Just Coffee Cooperative’s freshly roasted coffee is 100% fair trade and USDA certified organic. And with a B-Corp certification for our proven sustainability practices, they truly care about more than just profits. Just Coffee Cooperative is a big promoter of transparency in business practices. They pretty much give you all the details, even down to what month the coffee beans were harvested! And, they make this information easy to find. On all their products pages, you can check out the ‘Coffee Tracker’ section right below the description. You can track your coffee from our roasting facility back to the farmer cooperative it came from. It also allows you to see just how much Just Coffee Cooperative paid per pound for green coffee beans. Plus, shipping to the lower 48 states in the US is free.

Although Just Coffee Cooperative produces a multitude of blends and flavors, Bike Fuel, Soul Shaker, and Mayan Super Dark are among their most popular. Bike Fuel is the only fuel you’ll need to get the pedal to the medal on your bike. The flavor includes rich, smooth, chocolate notes. This is a delectable blend of dark beans from Honduras and Light beans from Northern Peru.

Next, Soul Shaker. The flavor notes are an interesting combination of vanilla, apple, and citrus. These medium beans are grown at an elevation of 5,000 feet and give it a unique and fun flavor for your morning cup of joe. Thirdly, Mayan Super Dark is the highest quality Mayan coffee from Mexico! With Dark Beans that  are dark, smoky, and rich – a combination you don’t normally see with super dark coffee.

You don’t have to feel guilty about your daily coffee habit anymore. With Just Coffee Cooperative, you can have a clear conscience that your coffee was produced, sustatinly, fairly, and in real support of coffee farmers. Before you head out to the store for you next container of coffee, checkout Just Coffee Cooperative and get true transparency, awesome packaging, and most importantly, the best flavor out there.

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