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Krimson Klover Compass Jacket | RY Outfitters Spotlight

Krimson Klover

Finding a high quality jacket that is designed to last AND keeps you warm and dry for a lifetime has always seemed impossible, until now. Krimson Klover is creating awesome looking jackets that are top of the line quality, highly functional, look AMAZING, and are sustainably made.

Krimson Klover is a sustainably produced, high end women’s outdoor apparel brand. The entire company, from owner, factories, shipping, and product design is operated by women. They understand the little details that make a difference when it comes to clothing and are passionate about delivering the best of the best.

This best of the best standard isn’t just about the design, but also about the products and materials that they use. They follow strict guidelines when producing their products including the Responsible Down Standard certification. They craft apparel that makes you look and feel good by using only high quality natural, sustainable fibers and responsible manufacturing.

Their best jacket yet, the Krimson Klover Compass Jacket is a full-zip insulated down coat that is what dreams are made of when it comes to staying warm, cozy and in style. It has all the little details that we want out of a premium jacket like the interior cuff with thumbholes to keep the jacket over your hands and feeling extra cozy and the zipper on the pockets so you don’t lose your chapstick for the 99th time. You even have the back snap details on the back to allow for more movement during your adventures.

The Compass Jacket is made with PrimaLoft®Insulated Down Blend which is their special hybrid of 50% PrimaLoft® ultra-fine recycled content fibers and 50% sustainable down. It’s as warm as 550 fill down and is fast-drying, and has superior softness. The PrimaLoft® Insulated Down Blend comes with the Responsible Down Standard certification. RDS safeguards the welfare of geese and ducks that provide for the products we all love so you can be assured that the Compass Jacket is sustainably and ethically sourced.

PrimaLoft® diverts plastic bottles from landfills by cleaning the bottles and shredding the plastic and transforming it into recycled fibers. The PrimaLoft® fibers are backed by a history of sustainably conscious innovations with a commitment to pushing both performance and sustainability forward.

Buying a winter coat doesn’t have to be a yearly hassle that drains your bank account. With the Krimson Klover Compass Jacket you’ll have a woman designed and manufactured premium jacket that gets all the details just right. So if you’re in the market for a sustainably sourced and manufactured jacket that is designed to last, the Krimson Klover Compass Jacket is perfect for you.

And as Krimson Klover’s motto would say: “Go on big adventures and make courageous choices.” Get a jacket that can stand up to that.

Order yours now.

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