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Snacks that Match Your Wild Side 

Raise your hand if you’re tired of having snacks that taste like bird food or funky protein? Granola bars, trail mix, protein shakes – they all have their moments of glory, but aren’t you ready for an on-the-go snack that is just MORE?!


With fresh, never frozen and never importanted meat and old world practices combined with modern, state of the art technology. Kubisch balances tradition and modern innovation. The Kubisch Sausage Company has been a family established and family run company making delicious gourmet meat products since 1936. Their mission is to provide high quality products by using premium ingredients only and their very own traditional methods that they have been utilizing since the beginning of the company.


Although Kubisch creates all kinds of snack products, today we are going to be specifically looking at one of their most original and popular products. The Salami Sticks. These are made from quality, gourmet salami that is unlike any other salami out there on the market. 


With no gimmicks or any unnecessary addition, the Salami Sticks are just premium, hand-crafted cuts of beef and pork seasoned and smoked to delicious perfection. They are dried and cured to perfection to provide the best possible taste and texture. 


Plus, they offer them in 13 mouthwatering flavors, from habanero to sweet&spicy or bbq to mild, they have a flavor for everyone.


So before you go down the snack aisle at the grocery store to grab yet another bag of boring trail mix or cardboard jerky, check out Kubisch Sausage Company and order your new favorite, on-the-go or on-an-adventure snack.


Get yours here: https://longjohnsnacks.com/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling&nav_method=menu&nav_link=%2Fpages%2Four-story&nav_page=auxiliary&nav_text=Shop&gf_17604=Type_salami%20stix

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