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The Microformer by Lagree Fitness | RY Outfitters Spotlight

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The Microformer by Lagree Fitness

The Microformer is the most effective home fitness machine on the market. No need for weight racks, bulky stationary bikes, or treadmills. Lagree fitness developed the perfect, compact, portable piece of workout equipment that safely performs for every fitness level from beginners to professionals.

There are a variety of models of this line, and they are customizable. So, as you improve your performance, you can improve your machine. Designed to work your core, muscle strength, and endurance, the Microformer helps you strengthen, tighten, and tone your body with each workout. No matter your height or size, anyone can use it, AND because it is low to the ground, you can use the floor as an extension of the machine, allowing individuals as tall as 7 ft to comfortably use it.

The Microformer uses springs instead of weights or bands to make you sweat, shake, and sore throughout your routines. These springs are designed to be low impact, which is helpful to any customer with joint inflammation or former injuries. They also help control your movement and engage your muscles longer with adjustable tension levels.

The best part of having a Microformer is that it’s easy to take with you on the go. No need to stick to the house or the gym; just grab your Microformer and head to the beach, the park, out to the pool, or anywhere you love to be! Lagree has on-demand and live classes available via their virtual platform, so you have the workout option whenever is convenient for you. No more rushing to a class; everything is on YOUR schedule.

Take Your At Home Fitness To The Next Level

With The Microformer

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