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The RY Outfitters Podcast EP: #157 Lever Gear – Everyday Carry Gear Elevating Your Everyday Life. Founder Mike Scully Sharing His Story.

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Lever Gear

Tools designed to conquer a million different problems

That you can fit in your pocket and take anywhere!

To find out more behind how Lever Gear got its start and what’s in store for the future, Josh interviews Lever Gear founder, Mike Scully

More about the episode

Josh sits down with Lever Gear founder Mike Scully. Lever Gear makes small everyday carry tools will make you prepared in your everyday life to tackle whatever problems might pop up. Their flagship product is a credit card sized multi tool with 40 different functions on it that even has a money clip attachment. Scully, had always been interested in developing products throughout his 15 years as a product consultant in San Francisco. He’s helped a lot of companies but, always had the desire to make his own products, and eventually came up with a simple idea for a smart tool with a TON of uses. Sometimes you just get the feeling that something is ‘right,’ and Scully took that feeling and let it carry him to success. Since then Lever Gear has developed a couple more products with many more on the way to help people in their daily lives!

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