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Loctote Cinch Pack

Loctote’s Cinch Pack is a day pack designed to be fully theft-proof wrapped up in a beautiful and minimalistic design. This bag was designed for worry-free travel and has some pretty robust security features. The most notable feature is its ability to lock securely shut AND to fixed objects. Loctotes uses their patented double steel reinforced locking strap to make sure that this bag isn’t going anywhere when locked up. The Cinch Pack is also optimized for digital security and is equipped with fleece-lined RFID blocking internal pockets. This pack is made with high-quality premium canvas, leather, and brass hardware and the design is even slash-proof. The Cinch Pack is an incredible day pack and could be something perfect for heading to the office, store, for any kind of day to day travel, or when you need to set your bag down and walk away for a bit.

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