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#202 Lumos Helmet – Helmets that illuminate your ride with built in LEDs. Co-Founder Eu-wen Ding Sharing His Story

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Lumos Helmet

Cars have dominated the roads for quite some time

It’s about time bikes had their shining moment

To find out more behind how Lumos Helmet got its start and what’s in store for the future, Josh interviews Lumos Helmet founder, Eu-wen Ding

More about the episode

Josh sits down with Lumos Helmet co-founder Eu-wen Ding. Lumos is a Singapore based company that makes helmets with built-in lights and LEDs to keep you illuminated while riding. As biking becomes more and more popular within cities, sharing the road with cars becomes more and more treacherous and Lumos Helmets’ response to this is making sure everyone on the road has proper visibility. Lumos Helmet functions similarly as a car in this way; with front and rear lights, controllable turn signals, and the rear light even lights up when you slow down. The design of the world’s first smart bike helmet is truly a no brainer but, where did the idea come from and how did this thing get developed? Stay tuned and find out!

Have an opinion? We want to hear it! Join the conversation and leave a comment, check out show notes, and get all the links mentioned in this episode below

Have an opinion? We want to hear it! Join the conversation and leave a comment, check out show notes, and get all the links mentioned in this episode below


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