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Man Flow Yoga

Man Flow Yoga is an On-demand yoga fitness hub that crafts programs and workouts for men to help you reach your fitness goals. It’s a different animal when it comes to yoga programs because it focuses on proper muscle activation, skips the unnecessarily complicated “yoga speak,” and doesn’t include the spiritual or religious aspects of yoga that might be a bit of a turn off to some. 

Man Flow Yoga cuts right to the functional aspects of what yoga can give you with a big emphasis on fitness. Their membership gives you access to a ton of On-Demand Yoga Programs, Workouts, Tutorials & more all of which are curated with the male body in mind. 

All of the poses and modifications are put together to be better suited to men’s flexibility levels and fitness goals, and in-depth technique instruction to ensure proper technique. You basically get a personal yoga-for-fitness guide with you wherever you go, no matter what your goal is long-term or what you’re feeling at the moment.

Man Flow Yoga’s membership includes a vast Workout Library of 300+ Workouts. Whether you’re looking to improve your running performance, build foundational strength, flexibility, mobility, or just general conditioning. Anything you might be looking to improve, Man Flow Yoga probably has a program for that. Plus their membership gives you access to Mobile & OTT Apps, tutorials & challenges, their full health & wellness library, and not to mention a members’ shop savings perks!

Not only can yoga be an incredible workout but, it also gives you a serious opportunity to get some cross-training to break up your typical workouts. Short on time? No problem, you can train anywhere, anytime with Man Flow Yoga’s mobile app. More importantly, Man Flow Yoga has something for all fitness levels, from beginners to seasoned fitness enthusiasts. If you’re looking to break into fitness or add some foundational conditioning to your routine Man Flow Yoga is definitely worth checking out!

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