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The Perfect Socks for Skiing

Picture this. You’re on the slopes, living your best life, taking in the view, and wondering how it could get any better than this… and then your ski boot eats your sock. Now you have to sit down, maneuver around your snow pants, take your boot off, try to fix your sock and put yourself back together. Annoying, right?!


Well, what if you never had to do that again?


With more than 100 years of Woolen textile experience, Minus33 Merino Wool Clothing specializes in merino wool base layers and accessories ranging from micro to expedition weight. Basically, Minus33 was created to keep you warm, protected, and prepared in the outdoors and on the mountain. They make base layers to socks and headwear, you’ll perform your best and stay safe and warm no matter the activity.


Even though Minus33 produces several amazing products to keep you safe, warm, dry, and performing your best, today we are going to be talking about their Mountain Heritage Elite Over the Calf Wool Ski Socks. These socks were made to help you extend your slope time with the long lasting comfort of Minus33 Merino Wool. 


What’s the big deal about Merino Wool? Just think about all the scenarios that you might experience while on the slopes like cold, wet, sweaty, uncomfortable, and more. Well, Merino Wool is insulating even when wet, moisture wicking, anti-microbial, fire-resistant, breathable, soft and comfortable. 


Made in New Hampshire, their Mountain Heritage Elite Liner Socks were created with shin cushioning to protect against friction in your boots with the least amount of bulk. No more sore shins after a long day on the slopes.


They are also moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, and insulating even when you start shredding and working up a sweat so you can stay dry and comfortable as possible. Plus these Ski Socks are made with the most amount of merino wool allowable while maintaining a high standard of durability and fit. 


Hitting the slopes doesn’t have to be an annoying sock adventure anymore. With Minus33 and their Mountain Heritage Elite LIner Sock, you can focus on the views and the experience instead of your boots. So before you hit the slopes again, check out Minus33!

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