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Mission Mercantile Campaign Waxed Canvas Duffle & Shave Kit | RY Outfitters First Look

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Campaign Waxed Canvas Duffle & Shave Kit

If you’re looking for a long-lasting duffle bag, shaving kit, or any other carry goods for that matter, Mission Mercantile is definitely one of the highest quality options you will find on the market. Their duffle bag and shaving kit share a similar approach to construction that is substantially sturdy, easily repaired (if need be), and will only look and feel better and better as time goes on. The military-grade nylon that lines each of these bags make it an absolute breeze to clean and on the duffle, there is a separate large pocket that is perfect for keeping important items (or dirty clothes) separate from the rest of your cargo. Each of these bags is with true paraffin wax-soaked canvas, full-grain leather (tanned 40 days and with a comfortable broken-in feel/aesthetic), and brass hardware. No corners were cut in the making of both the Campaign Waxed Canvas Duffle & Shave Kit. These bags were built to be able to last you and be passed down for decades, and that’s a Mission Mercantile guarantee.

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