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Motive 8 Starter Pack

Motive CBD’s Motive 8 Starter pack is the athlete/fitness junkies ultimate introduction to performance-based functional CBD products. You’re not just getting various samples of some of Motive CBD’s best products but, a carefully curated selection of their best selling items that covers just about anyway you could or would want to use CBD. Whether it’s to help you get better quality sleep, take the edge off, reduce anxiety, or even help with focus, the Motive 8 Starter pack has it all. To take things even further, Motive CBD also provides a small journal so you can document your experience to even further help narrow down which CBD product works best for you! If you’re new to CBD or looking for a new CBD product, do yourself a favor and pick up the Motive 8 Starter Pack

Each Motive 8 Day Starter Set includes:

  • 1 .25oz jar of Motive CBD Menthol Sports Cream

  • 1 .25oz jar of Motive CBD Sandalwood Sports Cream

  • 1  30ml tincture of Full Spectrum CBD Active Orange Oil (a 30 day supply)

  • 3 Motive CBD Bacon Toothpicks

  • 4 Motive CBD Mints

  • 5 Motive CBD Fruit Chews

  • 4 Motive CBD Sleep Capsules

  • 1 Motive CBD Recipe Booklet

  • 1 Motive8 Day Challenge Journal

Explore CBD in all of it’s best forms with Motive CBD’s Motive 8 Starter Pack

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