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Mountain Flow Plant-Based Eco Wax

Skiing and Snowboarding isn’t exactly the most eco-friendly activity but, there’s no question it’s insanely addicting! (I’ll be the first to admit I’m hooked and will be for life) However, when we have an opportunity to help support our natural playground we’re obligated to do so. You may not realize this, but as you’re skiing or snowboarding the wax on your gear is chipping away, mixing in with snow, and eventually ending up in streams and lakes. To make matters worse, most wax is petroleum based. Mountain Flow’s plant-based eco wax was made to fight against petroleum based wax to offer a much more sustainable sound option that performs just as well as some of the best wax you’ll find.

Key Features

  • SIZE: 4.6 OZ

  • 4 season Temps available

  • Plant-Based + Biodegradable

  • 0% Petroleum

  • Performs as well as a conventional (petroleum-based) ski wax – we’ve run controlled performance tests to prove it!

Leave no trace on the mountain with Mountain Flow’s Eco Wax

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