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Mountain Mel’s Apres Snow Play Essentials Kit

Are you an adventure junkie looking for natural first aid products that actually work without damaging the planet? Mountain Mel’s Apres Snow Play Essentials Kit comes with four essential natural products to keep you safe in the snow. 

Mountain Mels is a sustainable herbal tea and outdoor essentials based near Mt Hood in Oregon. It all started when Mel realized that there weren’t any good, natural substitutes for the first aid kits at big box stores. She took her vast herbal knowledge as a clinical herbalist and started putting together a kit that actually works and is easy on the environment to boot. Mel is extremely passionate about using sustainably harvested ingredients and being as eco-minded as possible. Mountain Mel has certified accountability as a member of the 1% for the planet AND a certified Green America Business.

The Apres Snow Play Essentials Kit delivers on all of Mel’s sustainability promises and provides you the best of the best. This Kit includes: Good Day Sunshine Mineral Protection Herbal Sun Care, Bobcat Balm muscle rub, The After Burn Goggle Tan Be Gone, Tea-Line Herbal Tea Blend, and Germ Thieves Moisturizing Hand Spray.

The Good Day Sunshine Sun Care is a chemical-free sunscreen loaded with skin protecting anti-oxidants, cell regenerating allantoin, and moisturizer to keep your skin protected. And with the Germ Thieves Moisturizing Hand Spray your skin and hands will be both germ free and moisturized. 

The Bobcat Balm muscle rub combines the power of warmth and coolness to ease inflammation in muscles, sprains, strains, bruising, and arthritic joints. And the best part, it has a sweet sweet candy cane smell. 

The After Burn is perfect for those days when you forgot your sunscreen and you’re looking a bit like a lobster. It uses the healing plant extracts of calendula, comfrey & plantain to promote skin cell regeneration to relieve and revive your red hot sunburned skin.

Lastly, the Tea-Line herbal tea blend. This one of a kind tea blend warms you up from the inside out with it’s  peppermint, cinnamon, ginger, and citrus notes that send you into a warm cozy bliss that takes away all the struggles of the day.

Having natural first aid products that actually work without damaging the planet doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. Mountain Mels has everything you need to cover the bases of all the most common ailments you might run into when you’re out adventuring. Not only does this stuff actually work but the ingredients really help these products go the distance. Whether you’re a huge snowsport person or just looking to be a little more ready for winter, Mountain Mel’s Apres Snow Play Essentials Kit is definitely worth picking up!

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