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MTNS.CO Breckenridge Resort 500 Piece Puzzle | RY Outfitters Spotlight

MTNS.CO Breckenridge Resort

500 Piece Puzzle

MNTS.CO creates products to help you master the mountain without having to ever look at a map. Their motto is, ‘Don’t waste time looking at maps at the top of the lift.’ and it really is a fantastic one to have. Think about it. How much time have you wasted at the top of the slope just trying to figure out what direction to go?

Although MTNS.CO has every major ski resort in everything from phone cases to blankets, stickers, puzzles, and more, today, we are going to be looking at the Breckenridge Ski Resort Jigsaw Puzzle. This 500 piece puzzle is extra special, including the 5 distinct peaks that define the resort, and includes the highest chairlift in North America, that services an elevation of 12,840 feet at the top of Peak 8.  There’s your fun fact for the day.

If you want to really take in the resort and have a good time, you really do need to know where you’re going. That’s where the Ski Resort Jigsaw Puzzle comes in. The fastest way to learn, especially if you’re trying to learn with your group, is by keeping things fun and interesting. Jigsaw puzzles promote brain connectivity by reinforcing and developing neural pathways. So by working on a puzzle while learning the mountain terrain, you are actually able to absorb the details of the mountain into your memory. Essentially, as you have fun working on this puzzle, your brain will memorize it. 

If you want to have some fun and get your head out of the map on your next adventure to Keystone Ski Resort, this jigsaw puzzle might be exactly what you need. Half of your adventure isn’t meant to be spent staring at a map trying to figure out the plan. So, why not grab your own Keystone Ski Resort jigsaw puzzle before your next trip so you can say goodbye to the map and live in the moment on slopes.

Stop Puzzling Over What Trail To Shred

W/ Mtns.co’s 500 piece Breckenridge Resort Puzzle

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