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Lightweight, Easy to Assemble, Foldable Canoe

Do you love canoeing, but hate the hassle of the big bulky equipment? 


There’s nothing quite like the peace and adventure of canoeing down a scenic river. But the trouble of transporting the canoe, getting it into the water, and then getting it back home without pulling a muscle or banging into stuff is almost impossible. 


But, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Established in 2011, MyCanoe makes innovative, portable folding canoes. You heard that right! MyCanoe is a packable and compact canoe innovation that allows you to conveniently carry and transport your canoe. MyCanoe believes strongly that getting outside and having fun shouldn’t be difficult and they’re mission is to reduce the struggle.


Although MyCanoe has created many innovations over the last 11 years, this spotlight is going to be focused on their award-winning, patented origami folding canoe. This mind blowing invention is the lightest, simplest, and most affordable folding canoe ever.


Let’s talk about some of the main features of the My Canoe Solo 2.


First, it assembles in 1-2 mins. It’s as simple as unfolding from its compact carrying position, folding into its canoe shape, and buckling it into place. Quick and easy even for one position to assemble. Plus, it’s rated for up to 20,000 folds and 15 years of UV protection – talk about long lasting.


Second, this canoe is incredibly lightweight and only weighs 19 pounds. Your average canoe weighs between 50 – 75 pounds. You could carry 2 MyCanoes and it still wouldn’t be as heavy as your average canoe!


Lastly, the MyCanoe is TUV safety certified. What does that even mean? It means the My Canoe Solo 2 has been tested by approved institutions and professionals, and even exceeded their standards. 


You finally don’t have to drag around a 60 pound canoe to go on exciting solo adventures. With the MyCanoe Solo 2, you can explore hard to get to locations without dragging extremely heavy gear. Just think about how much longer you could adventure if you had the time and energy it takes to transport a traditional canoe?


So before you head out on your next canoeing adventure, checkout MyCanoe to take the hassle out of your next trip so you can have even more fun.

Get yours here: https://www.oricanoe.com/products/mycanoe-solo-2-origami-folding-canoe-boat?_pos=3&_sid=1ae23a62d&_ss=r&variant=43708408135907


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