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Nantucket Footprint

Do you want to be more environmentally friendly, but you can’t find a substitute for household products that actually do the job better or don’t cost double compared to the harsh chemicals?  But with Nantucket Footprint, you can have household cleaning products that check off all of the boxes like:  safe and eco-friendly while actually working.

Nantucket Footprint creates natural outdoor and household items for those who want to make a smaller footprint on the planet. The founders, Nancy and Jeffrey, decided to make their own line of cleaning products because none of the existing options were environmentally friendly or actually worked. Through trial, error, and lots of research in their own homes, Nancy and Jeffrey have come up with their own formulations delivered in a truly eco-friendly, compact, and fully biodegradable format.

Not only do they strive for a better environment, they also strive for safer homes. They’re  committed to making products that are safe. In the US alone, there are over 350 calls to poison control per day from kids eating things like dishwasher and laundry pods. They use child-safe packages so children are not harmed by eating concentrated cleaning ingredients. 

If keeping your home safe for your little ones wasn’t enough, Nantucket Footprint is committed to donating a portion of their profits to environmental organizations that protect oceans and work to combat climate change. As a company, they believe that the most humble creatures, with the smallest footprints are impacted every day by the choices we all make.

Nantucket Footprint offers a wide range of household products, but the All Purpose Bundle has everything you need to get started with eco-friendly, safe cleaning. The All Purpose Bundle. This bundle, which saves you 10% compared to buying these products separately includes: 8 all purpose concentrated dissolving strips (enough to make 4 bottles) and their signature reusable glass bottle.

Completely safe for your home, the Nantucket Footprint all purpose cleaning strips are free from harmful chemicals and use no artificial fragrances. The cleaning strips are also formulated with the least toxic ingredients possible, with every ingredient explained on their website. Plus, the packaging of this bundle keeps yours and the environment’s safety in mind. The strips are packaged in 100% compostable and child-resistant boxes. 

This bundle is both easy to use and super effective on many surfaces. Simply roll two strips and insert into the 16-ounce spray bottle of water that’s filled with water and start cleaning immediately. And boom. That’s it! You’re ready to go on a cleaning rampage!

Having a clean home doesn’t mean you have to rely on harsh chemicals that aren’t good for you or the planet. With Nantucket Footprint, you get the best of both worlds with household products that are safe, eco-friendly, and get the job done. So if you’re ready to switch to cleaning products that are thoughtfully formulated to minimize their impact on the environment, you might want to give Nantucket Footprint a try. 

Order your All Purpose Bundle now.

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