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Nature’s Dual Fuel

Nature’s Dual Fuel is a dual-purpose food & fuel source combined into one product. On the food side of Nature’s Dual Fuel, you get a super tasty and surprisingly versatile on-the-go snack. It’s all-natural with no artificial colors, flavors or additives and a fully plant-based vegan product. Plus there are only 5 ingredients to boot. Each pouch contains 800 calories with 15 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber in each 5 oz. bag. This makes for an incredible thing to take with you on longer camping trips and treks when you’re looking to maximize calorie intake and minimize pack weight. You can eat straight out of the bag or you can add to different foods to give it a nice flavor boost. It’s especially great with oatmeal, ramen, mac & cheese but it can make just about anything taste better. Plus, it’s available in two flavors; almond and peanut. On the fuel side of things, this stuff acts as a really efficient fuel option for making fires on the fly. You can use it to boil water, build campfires, and you don’t need a ton to keep a steady flame.

Nature’s Dual Fuel can give campers, backpackers, or preppers a versatile keystone on their gear checklist that covers two major necessities: fuel to start a fire and food. Without either of these things, you’re gonna probably have a tough time. Nature’s Dual Fuel is also an incredible replacement for those heavy fuel canisters that people carry when backpacking.  You can save a ton of weight and space in your pack by giving yourself a fuel source that has the added benefit of being food. I mean, building fires is hungry work so you should have a reward on hand anyway.

Fight Hunger and Feed your Fire

With Nature’s Dual Fuel

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