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New Ski And Snowboard Essentials

New Ski And Snowboard Essentials

When ski and snowboard season comes around, most of us just dust off our gear and take a quick inventory to make sure our ski clothes still fit. Before you hit the slopes be sure to check out the hottest and most innovative gear this season. While you can head out to your local board shop, do a little research ahead of time so you’ll be prepared. Listed below are 8 of the top companies that provide the best ski and snowboard essentials you should be aware of in 2020.


Truck Gloves

Unless it’s Spring, skiing or snowboarding without gloves is not advisable. This is because you will freeze your hands and fingers and expose yourself to other health risks. Truck gloves ensure your skiing and snowboarding is not only safer but also more enjoyable. The gloves come with the latest waterproof and insulation technology to give your fingers extra warmth while skiing.

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Outdoor Element

Outdoor Element is a multinational company that specializes in developing athletic equipment. Among its products is Phoenix Survival/Hunting Knife Set, a crucial component of New Ski And Snowboard Essentials. The set allows you to take your outdoor survival to the next level. The knives are made from D2 steel to give you a reliable tool that you can sharpen easily for all your outdoor cutting activities. You can carry the blades separately or together with ease using the Phoenix Talon that comes with them.


Ombraz Sunglasses

Ombraz is a reputable company known for its high-quality products. The Ombraz Sunglasses make it to our new ski and snowboard essentials due to their numerous benefits. To begin with, the sunglasses are made from eco-friendly materials, which mean that they have no carbon footprint. It comes in a case that is flat buoyant to float on water in case it drops while skiing. This also makes it easy to store.


Huppy Bar

Huppy Bar has remained committee to its vision of promoting good health and well-being by providing a proper healthy diet and encouraging people to exercise more. For instance, the company offers an Apple cinnamon raisin that is manufactured from sun-dried apples, organic cinnamon, and raisins. We recommend this product because it has a great taste, has no additives and it will not cost you a fortune to buy. In addition, Huppy Bar is easy to tuck in your jacket so you can have a quick snack on the lift chair ride up.


Rhino Skin Solutions

Rhino offers pharmacist-formulated and chef-prepared products to ensure that they meet their clients’ needs. We recommend the Travel Kit product because it provides a wide range of products and is convenient to carry around. Rhino Skin Solutions comprises of a small split stick, an 80/100 skin file, a nail clipper that can be used as a bottle opener, and 1 oz. dry tip spit massage. The good hand knit pouch is a nice complement to hold all of the contents of the package. We also love their dry spray, it’s perfect for those days you want to cut down on sweating while ski touring.


Gilson Snow

Glison snow is one of the companies that you should make a point of visiting for your new skiing or snowboard essentials. Pioneer is one of their flagship men’s’ all-mountain snowboard. It is available in different sizes to ensure different users find a product that meet their preferences. Pioneer is also highly versatile to ensure it delivers the experience you want when snowboarding.


Sego Skis

Sego skis are known to deliver beyond most users’ expectations. If you are looking for quality in skiing equipment, for instance, you could try out Big Horn, it measures 106 mm underfoot. Versatile and powerful, the ski delivers a superior experience on most challenging terrains. As such, it is ideal for people looking to explore different terrains.


Shred Optics

Shred Optics provides you will all the helmets you need when skiing or snowboarding. Totality Frozen is one of the products they offer, and you should make it one of your essentials. This is because the helmet is lightweight and capable of providing adequate rotational energy absorption. Besides being stylish and a perfect fit, Totality Frozen also enhances your safety and confidence through its unmatched performance.

With these new ski and snowboarding essentials, you’ll be able to shred the gnar, tackle the slopes and own your friends. 

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