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A consultation with one of our experts valued at $150 plus a $300 detox kit

Doctor Morse's is a line of herbal detoxification supplements focused on cellular regeneration and getting to the root of health issues. With nearly 2,000,000 bottles sold, our formulas have been tried and true and formulated with the 45+ years of experience from Doctor Morse.

1 Year Supply of Tecton (Worth $2,000+)

Unleash your extraordinary with Tecton! Tecton is the only ketone beverage that includes 10g of nature-identical ketones in every serving, made with the same molecular structure as the ketones your body produces naturally.

A prize worth 300$ from YUNI Beauty

YUNI Beauty is a wellness brand that helps people live mindfully and feel their best – inside and out. We offer high-performance, eco-conscious, clean, plant-based beauty products that simplify self-care routines and enhance well-being. YUNI Beauty empowers you to reach your wellness goals, whatever they are, while being mindful of the planet.

Three Months' Supply of Bahamii® Including Every Flavor

Bahamii developed the perfect Date & Nut Energy Bite centered around health, convenience, and taste. Using dates as the #1 ingredient together with a minimal ingredient panel of organic superfoods, Bahamii maintains a fresh and soft texture that doesn't get stuck in your teeth and is naturally sweet with no added sugar, no caffeine, and no preservatives - great for diabetics, athletes, kids, and anyone else!

Clean Program's Signature 21-Day Wellness and Biotransformation Kit by Dr. Alejandro Junger! ($475 Value!)

Unlock the essence of vitality and wellness with our signature 21-day full body reset, designed by Dr. Alejandro Junger to empower your body’s natural healing capabilities and bring your body back into balance.

$150 Fermented Variety Pack plus $100 Gift Card

Since 2010, Olive My Pickle has been making 40+ naturally fermented products. Choose from a wide variety of pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, olives, and pickle juice. Salt water brined and teeming with good-guy probiotics, our products are a gut health superfood.

A $400 Shopping Spree from Living Fuel!

You will enjoy Living Fuel’s line of delicious, plant-powered, whole-meal superfood smoothie powders that supercharge your immunity and give you the energy to look better, feel younger and experience a superior quality of life. They contain all your essential nutrients as well as plenty of protein, fiber and probiotics which is why they are considered “The World’s Most Nutritious Meal.”

An assortment of CBD products worth $530, including tinctures and topicals, from Moon Mother Hemp Company.

Moon Mother Hemp offers premium CBD products for a reasonable price using certified organic ingredients.

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