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NFS Plant Protein

Finding the right vegan protein for you is undoubtedly challenging and there can be some rough options out there. Luckily, NFS’ plant protein is extremely smooth, not overpowering at all, and above all extremely easy to mix. Their plant protein is combined with natural supporting supplements to ensure that you’re getting more than just protein powder including natural anti-inflammatory ingredients like tart cherries and Maca root the added bonus of a probiotic blend keeps your gut healthy and the tummy rumbles to a minimum. Most importantly of all, NFS’s plant protein tastes great on its own but, is still mild enough to add to a shake without overpowering it. For those who don’t want to deal with a shaker, it mixes perfectly with just a spoon, too. Lastly, NFS prides itself on making sure that all the ingredients in their products are the purest form and the highest quality.

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