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Nitro Park Deluxe 3 Day Grab & Go Food Bag | RY Outfitters First Look

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Nitro Park Deluxe 3 Day Grab & Go Food Bag

Nitro Pak’s Deluxe 3 Day Grab and Go Food Bag is the perfect grab and go food back to have in an emergency. It comes with 3 delicious Mountain House Freeze-Dried entrees a day to last you 3 days. Along with the meals Nitro Pak also includes separate water pouches for each meal included and the entire package comes in a backpack that serves as a great storage option for the meals. All the meals and water included fit perfectly into the main chamber of the bag and the backpack is lightweight, comfortable to carry, and adjustable for a better fit. The meals in this bag can last up to 30 years while the water has a shelf life of 5 years, so you may need to change that depending on when you pick up your pack. Whether the emergency is a natural disaster or a spur-of-the-moment camping trip you can just grab your bag and be covered in terms of food for 3 days. You can’t eat money, so having this when you need it could literally be life-saving. If you want something to make sure you’re covered in the face of an emergency Nitro Pak’s Deluxe 3 day grab & Go Food Bag could be a great thing to have.

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