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OM Cordyceps Mushroom Powder

Om’s Cordyceps mushroom powder is a supplement designed to give you all the benefits of Cordyceps mushrooms and supports vitality & endurance, supports oxygen consumption & delivery to increase energy, and support cardiac function & respiratory health. Originally discovered by Tibetan herdsman at high altitudes, Cordyceps optimizes oxygen uptake and delivery to increase vitality and endurance. Awaken energy, improve cardio and ignite your inner strength. This mushroom super supplement is designed to utilize cordyceps mushrooms’ ability to improve the availability of oxygen in the blood while helping to support cardiac function and respiratory health.

Because of the nature of this product, this is really something that’s ideal for athletes but, of course, when it comes to health really anyone can benefit from this. It’s also a great alternative to coffee. If you want to curb your coffee consumption this could give you the extra boost you need, without having to overindulge in caffeinated beverages. Om’s Cordyceps mushroom powder accommodates to almost all dietary restrictions and is gluten-free, vegan, grown in USA, and is keto and paleo-friendly. Om also has a ton of great recipes on their site to give you some more creative ideas of how to get the most out of their Cordyceps Mushroom powder and ff their cordyceps powder isn’t exactly your thing they also have capsules available as well. If you’re looking to get an athletic boost, or just improve your energy and respiratory health then OM’s Cordyceps Mushroom Powder is worth checking out!

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