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OME Gear The Wanderr | RY Outfitters Spotlight


OME Gear The Wanderr

The Wanderr is a modular camping chair/cart/camping cot/bench designed to last and be there for you whenever you might need it most! This 5-in-1 piece of outdoor furniture will help keep you traveling light anytime you’re doing something where you might be setting up camp, kicking your feet up, and hanging out for a while. The Wanderr is perfect for camping, fishing, hunting, the beach, festivals, kids sporting events. It’s the best choice anytime you need to haul something and then have comfortable seating options once you’ve arrived. The Wanderr’s rugged construction ensures that this bad boy will stick with you through all your outdoorsy adventures. No more throwing away those cheaply made outdoor chairs, carts, and wagons after a season or two!

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