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Sustainable Omega-3’s Without the Fishy Taste

Have you ever been staring down the supplement aisle of your local grocery or health food store and you can’t figure out which Omega-3 supplement you should buy?

There are dozens of brands and options, but how do you know which ones you should trust with your health?

Örlö Nutrition produces the most sustainable Algae products in the world. Örlö Nutrition is forging a path as the future of omega nutrition. They use Icelandic pure algae that provides superior health and nutrition benefits while keeping the oceans and fish ecosystems completely undisturbed.

Their groundbreak aquaculture planthouse in Iceland guarantees a safe and clean process with no cross-contamination by other algae strains, pests or pollutants. Because their approach to farming is vertical, they are able to use AI and use 99% less land and water resources. Plus, zero pesticides or herbicides!

They’re also able to keep their growing conditions pristine, so their Omega 3’s are minimally processed without the use of harsh chemicals like Hexane so they are able to retain their highly bioavailable polar lipid structure (which is just a fancy way of saying their omega-3 products are up to 3x more absorbable than fish oil or krill oil). Their planthouse in Iceland is even documented carbon-neutral/negative growing conditions and their growing conditions create unparalleled purity.

So how do Örlö’s Omega 3’s work?

Fish get their omega-3s EPA and DHA from the algae they consume, so Örlö Nutrition cuts out that middle-fish and goes straight to the algae. This direct source of EPA and DHA from algae in the highly bioavailable polar lipid form provides better absorption by up to 3x of fish or krill oil. Which means Örlö can deliver more impact in a much smaller pill. The improved rapidity of absorption creates a difference you can feel in days or weeks rather than months. And the non fishy taste is a total game changer for Omega-3’s!

So how can Omega-3’s help you?

Omega-3’s help support a healthy heart, increase joint comfort, and support a healthy immune system. They also can be a crucial supplement for pregnancies. The Prenatal DHA supports baby’s brain and eye development and an overall healthy mom and baby. Plus, DHA is great for support for a healthy brain, eyes, and skin health

So if you’re ready to choose an Omega-3 supplement that won’t hurt the oceans or fish and won’t give you that fishy burp of traditional Omega-3’s you’re going to want to give Örlö Nutrition a try!

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