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#222 Oros Apparel – Bringing Outwear Technology Into The 21st Century. Co-Founder Michael Markesbery Sharing His Story.


Oros Apparel

Oros Is Revolutionizing The Apparel Industry

While Bringing NASA Technology Into The 21st Century

To find out more about how Oros Apparel got its start and what’s in store for the future, Matt interviews Oros Apparel co-founder, Michael Markesbery

More about the episode

Matt sits down with Oros Apparel co-founder Michael Markesbery. Oros makes outdoor apparel and outerwear using their own patented Solarcore insulation technology. What’s Solarcore you ask? Solarcore is the flexible version of a typically rigid and fragile material used by NASA called aerogel. More importantly, Solarcore is the first-ever aerogel composite in the world. That’s right, Oros is literally revolutionizing the outerwear industry by bringing a completely new insulation technology to the table and that’s no small feat. Together, Michael and his co-founder Rithvik Venna, have put together a seasoned all-star product development team to come together and change the way people experience warmth one piece of apparel at a time.

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Show Notes/Timestamps:

  • 00:32 — Who are you?

  • 00:44 — What is Oros?

  • 00:58 — An epic climb, Moore’s law, and an outdated industry

  • 04:55 — The First sample of Aerogel and creating their patented Solarcore

  • 06:27 — Why Solarcore is revolutionizing apparel insulation

  • 08:31 — “For the first time in history…”

  • 09:12 — How was this brand new technology received once it hit the market?

  • 12:48 — “What wakes us up in the morning, what we get incredibly excited about is to empower our consumers to find their beyond…”

  • 14:00 — What kind of R & D went into developing the jacket designs?

  • 14:25 — “The first jacket we made was awful, terrible, but it worked. It was incredibly warm, arguable one of the warmest jackets ever made…”

  • 15:20 — An all-star product development team comes together to shape the future of outdoor apparel

  • 16:02 — Was there a ‘silver bullet’ that helped put Oros on the map?

  • 18:55 — What is Oros’ commitment to sustainability?

  • 19:32 — What has growth been like since you started Oros in 2015?

  • 19:55 — What has been the hardest part about starting Oros?

  • 20:08 — “Building a company is not easy and instead of a structured path forward and an easy understanding of how you get to A to B you have to build your own path in a world filled with unknowns”

  • 21:33 — A Oros creation on the horizon aimed at revolutionizing how the consumer experiences warmth

  • 23:56 — What advice would you give someone who wanted to start a business?

  • 24:24 — “When something’s an idea on a napkin you’re going to find a lot of skeptics in the room…”

  • 25:14 — What is the best part about running Oros?



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