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The RY Outfitters Podcast EP: 32 The Outdoor Project – Easily discover thousands of adventures. Founder Tyson Gillard Sharing His Story

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The Outdoor Project

Want to get off your couch and stumble into an adventure but don’t know where to start?

Check out The Outdoor Project and discover thousands of adventures and get all the info you need to get outside!

To find out more behind how The Outdoor Project got its start and what’s in store for the future, Josh interviews The Outdoor Project founder, Tyson Gillard

More about the episode…

Josh sits down with The Outdoor Project founder Tyson Gillard. The Outdoor Project was created in 2013 to help connect adventure seekers to a variety of different treks, hikes, and journeys to secret spots and public parks alike. Over the past few years, Tyson and his team have cultivated a community that not only shares inspiration and a passion for the outdoors but, also shares the adventures that are crafted by the community itself. Join the Outdoor Project and find the perfect adventure that you never knew you were looking for.

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Show Notes

  • What is Outdoor Project all about?
    • “In the most simple terms just think of a guide book that you’d use to go hiking except it’s online and we feature all types of activities; camping, hiking, swimming holes, hot springs, beaches, parks, you name it…”
  • How did you come up with this idea?
    • “All of us as founders came to this with outsider perspectives. None of us had any experience in the outdoor industry or running a media company but, we all came together as outdoor enthusiasts…”
  • How many contributors do you have now?
    • “In total we probably have 700 or so but we have a little over 200 active contributors…”
  • What was the process of raising capital like?
    • “When we first started we didn’t have our head fully wrapped around what our business model would be…the more we understood and learned about what business opportunities their were, we quickly realized…you really have to be massive…”
  • What has your growth looked like from 2014 to now?
    • “I’m very humbled and fortunate that we are and continue to be since we launched, the fastest growing website for outdoor recreation and travel…now we have over 6 million users, it’s equated to 700% year over year growth…”
  • What are some ways that you’ve gone from zero users to over 6 million users?
    • “The first thing is we wanted extremely high quality content…the foundation of Outdoor Project is really just having the best content we could possibly create…we wanted it to be an experience…
    • The other thing we’ve done strategically is we made a very discerned and intentional move to be very focused on the markets that we serve…”

Tyson Gillard Outdoor Project

  • How many people are working on Outdoor Project?
    • “We have about 200 active contributors and they’re really the on the ground core. They’re the storytellers they’re the ones who get out there. Second, we have market reps who are incentivized to build community and make connections. We have about 6 to 7 market reps…”
  • Did you have any mentors that helped you build Outdoor Project?
    • “One of the absolutely critical aspects of our success has been nurturing and leaning on people who are far wiser and experienced than we are…from the very beginning one of the biggest aspects of our success was being humble and acknowledging the fact that we didn’t know a lot. And so we put a lot of energy into cultivating a group of advisors…”
  • How do you generate revenue for outdoor project?
    • “Right now we’re really focused on three client categories. We have travel tourism groups, endemic outdoor gear and apparel brands, and non endemic brands…For those clients we do two things; content development and full omni channel marketing services…”
  • What would you say has been one of the hardest parts about building Outdoor Project?
    • “I certainly anticipated the long hours but, the thing I definitely underestimated was the emotional rollercoaster of it and the stress…”
  • What has been some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made with Outdoor Project?
    • “I think a biggest mistake would probably be underestimating the amount of web development and technological know how that would go into it. When we started our development team was part time and, the biggest mistake we’ve made was not having a full time web development team from the beginning…”
  • Where do you see Outdoor Project headed into the future?
    • “2017 we’re really focused on expanding nation wide…we’ll be adding some key social engagement features, we’ll be totally rebuilding our platform for speed and seo performance…”
    • “Long term our goal is to be the largest platform for active lifestyle consumers and we want to be the go to place for everybody who likes to go outside and get after it…”
  • What’s the best part about running Outdoor Project?
    • “The best part is user testimonials and running into people who all of the sudden have an outlet for their passion…whether it’s having the experience they’ve always wanted to find or tell the story they’ve always wanted to tell…When you hear the stories about how we help facilitate that it’s pretty incredible…”


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