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The Story behind GIVE’R Philosophy:  Give’r promotes a lifestyle fueled by passion, purpose, challenge and adventure.  We aim to inspire the unrelenting pursuit of dreams,

Slant Skis

Let’s talk about Slant Skis! Hand made Bamboo skis, built by skiers in Lake Tahoe. Founded in 2007 by Josh Bennett in Truckee, California. In

Boulder Denim

JEANS THAT ARE BUILT TO LAST Looking for the most comfortable pair of jeans you’ll ever own? Boulder Denim is probably the answer… Boulder Denim,

Tension Climbing

Tension is a company that specializes in producing various types of climbing equipment. One of their notable products is a wide selection of wooden climbing


GrowlerWerks started with a simple mission: Keep craft beer fresh. So we invented the uKeg, the world’s most advanced growler that keeps your beer fresh, cold and carbonated. It turns out, the uKeg also keeps other craft beverages fresh too, like cider, wine, kombucha, homebrew and soda!


Tosi Health

Tosi Health: The Tosi Health System is the result of 16 years of research, development and a perfecting process, by doctors, industry experts, athletes, particular eaters and skeptics. The reward for all of this effort is a system that helps to provide a nutrient and anti-oxidant rich combination that helps to eliminate cravings and balance your body


Andar Wallets

Andar Wallets: At Andar, we craft unique everyday products that help you organize and minimize what you carry. Carry the best.


Roav Eyewear

Roav Eyewear: The only truly pocketable shades, ROAV sunglasses are always by your side.


OddLot Labs

Oddlot Labs: ODD is a Portland based start-up. We live and breathe Oregon hence the name, Oregon Designed & Developed. We make modern packs for your every day adventures.


Farm to Feet

Farm to Feet: Farm to Feet is committed to the single, simple goal of creating the world’s best wool socks by exclusively using an all-American recipe: US Materials, US Manufacturing, and US Workers.


Go Sun

Go Sun: GoSun’s patented solar cooking technology makes cooking with the Sun more practical than ever. Find out why thousands are switching to solar.


Kind Design

Kind Design: Clothing & Design inspired by the mountains and waters of this beautiful planet.


Waves Gear

Waves Gear: Floating Sunglasses, Micro Towels, Forever Cold Insulated Water Bottles


Shwood Eyewear

Shwood Eyewear: The Original Wood Sunglasses. We’ve wandered the globe in pursuit of the finest natural materials to create the perfect blend of style and sustainability.  Learn what sets us apart.


Montem Outdoor Gear

What started out as trekking poles developed by hikers, for hikers became a passion for developing, designing, and engineering the most ergonomic, and innovative outdoor gear. Our mission is to bring the highest quality gear, for the most affordable prices, with a touch of style, and a whole lot of ingenuity into the hands of many.



Pakpod: The World’s Most Versatile Tripod.


Jelt Belt

Jelt Belt: The Jelt is a comfortable elastic belt with a low profile buckle & internal gel that helps keep your jeans from saggin. 


CNOC Outdoors

CNOC Outdoors: Our innovative outdoor gear simplifies your experience, giving you more time and freedom to enjoy the outdoors.


Natti Bar

Natti Bar: 110 calories of Pure Banana Goodness, 100% Natural, Non GMO, Non Gluten, Kosher, and GREAT tasting

Atana Bags

aTana is a premium eco-conscious bag and accessory line for urban/outdoor adventurers. We are committed to designing products that are sustainably made using the highest quality materials and superior craftsmanship. aTana’s line of products are created to last a lifetime, and will always be made within an eco-conscious framework.

The RY Outfitters Podcast EP: 27 Discover & join the inner circle of 50+ outdoor startups. Through the RY Outfitters Membership Program

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Josh, Drew, and Matt sit down and discuss what’s in store over the next few months of RY Outfitters including a membership program that will include discounts of up to 30% off on 50+ outdoor startup brands (with new startups added every month); discover dozens of new, innovative, outdoor startups; receive first access to startups’ new products; access to ambassador programs for 50+ startups; and first access to purchase startups’ demo & trade show gear at 30-60% OFF!

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  • Access to ambassador programs for 50+ startups
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