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The RY Outfitters Podcast EP: #36 Team Chat – RY Outfitters Membership Post Launch Update. Josh, Drew, and Matt discussing post launch of the membership program

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The RY Outfitters Membership Program

Think BIG, Shop small

Support innovative startups with our breaking the bank with the RY Outfitters Membership Program

To find out more about what’s in store for RY Outfitters, Josh, Drew, and Matt sit down and talk about what they’ve been up to and where the RY Outfitters Membership is headed…

More about the episode…

Josh sits down with Drew and Matt to chat all things RY Outfitters. In this weeks podcast the RY Outfitters team sits down and talks about the post launch of the RY Outfitters Membership program beta and our facebook group we opened for discussions and as a message board for updates and feedback. With the RY Outfitters membership only two weeks old, we are paying close attention to jump on any improvements we can make to make a better experience with the program. Many of you have been asking how to better help support RY Outfitters and now you finally have a chance. Join our membership and help us take the RY Outfitters community to new heights!

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Talking Points

  • Post launch of the RY Outfitters Membership program beta
  • The RY Outfitters Beta Membership Community – Our Facebook group dedicated to updates and feedback
  • New brands on the horizon – We will continue to roll out new and innovative startups, feature them on our podcasts, giveaway their products, and continue to grow our brands for the RY Outfitters Membership
  • Ongoing changes and tweaks with our membership ahead
  • Sign up for our Membership program – help support us and our brands; signing up for our membership is the best way to show your support in what we have been building over this last year. We have a lot of plans for the future but, cannot build and improve RY Outfitters without YOUR help!

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