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Oxygen Plus O+ Biggi

Oxygen Plus has developed a pioneering product line of portable oxygen canisters for wellness-seeking individuals – that’s safe for healthy people of all ages when used as directed. A female-owned and operated company, Oxygen Plus created this breathtaking, multi-purpose, multiple-use canister of pure recreational oxygen to provide people a convenient, effective energy and recovery lifestyle product. The undisputed leader in this small but growing consumer category the company itself first dubbed, “recreational oxygen,” Oxygen Plus is proud to offer the only natural, side-effect-free oxygen-filled to top quality at an FDA-registered facility.

The O+ Biggi has 11 liters of pure oxygen designed for those who work or play hard. It’s delivered from a lightweight aluminum canister, and portable enough to take anywhere you go. You can expect more than 50 uses – or 220 breaths – out of this canister, however, the number of breaths or uses can depend on how you breathe, and how you actuate the trigger. If you’re looking for a more natural jumpstart or recovery, you may want to pass on an energy drink or shot that sometimes has jittery side effects or unwanted added calories. When you want something natural, an O+ oxygen canister will come to your rescue!

The O+ Biggi isn’t just great for workout recovery, it’s also been known to help a hangover, to help combat poor indoor or outdoor air quality, and anytime you’re not feeling your best because your oxygen levels are below normal, healthy levels.

Each inhalation delivers 5 times more oxygen than you’ll find in ambient air, effectively restoring your balance and helping you think and feel your best! Oxygen Plus is committed to making its oxygen products available worldwide and providing the best pure recreational oxygen on the market – free of any additives, scents, or funky flavors. Environmentally-minded, Oxygen Plus canisters are 100% recyclable after use and the company donates to causes fighting the clean air crisis.

If you’re looking for an all-natural, high-quality pick-me-up that’s designed for optimal recovery in sports and a healthy lifestyle, look no further than the O+ Biggi from Oxygen Plus!

Breathe Easy With The Oxygen Plus O+ Biggi

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