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Paxis Twin Lakes Backpack | RY Outfitters Spotlight


Paxis Twin Lakes Backpack

The Paxis Twin Peaks is an incredible one-of-a-kind 30-liter day pack that allows you to grab gear on the fly without having to take off your backpack. What sets this pack apart is a separate chamber or “shuttle pod” on the base of the bag that can swing around for easy access to your gear. You can grab your camera, fishing gear, a snack, or anything else you might want on hand at a moment’s notice without having to keep taking off your pack.

The primary chamber has plenty of room to store your essentials as well as a laptop sleeve, and 2 additional zippered pockets to keep all your smaller items organized. The Shuttle Pod fills out the bottom of the bag and can hold up to 5 lbs. It has a large chamber for the gear you want to quickly grab and on the bottom, there is a quick access zipper and clip for smaller items. All in all this thing is an absolute dream for photographers, fishing, hunting, or serious snackers who want to keep items on hand without the hassle of constantly taking off your pack. 

Keep the gear you need most, ready to go

with Paxis’ Twin Lakes Backpack

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