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PHOOZY Apollo II Series + Apollo II Antimicrobial Series | RY Outfitters Spotlight

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PHOOZY Apollo II Series + Apollo II Antimicrobial Series

When your phone dies in the cold, it’s not only a major inconvenience, but it’s also a safety issue. Whether you’re out in the backcountry or just trying to keep a group together at a local mountain, stay connected and protected is SO much easier thanks to PHOOZY

The biggest draw by far of both PHOOZY’S Apollo II series is that it helps extend the battery life of your phone up to 4X longer in extreme conditions. Their Patented Technology is adapted from NASA materials used in spacesuits to protect your phone from heat and cold.

PHOOZY Thermal Capsules provide Thermal Protection, but also provide Drop Protection of up to 9ft AND they float if dropped in water. They’re ultralightweight and have a slim design that’s not super bulky and easily slides in your jacket or pants pocket. They also fit most Large phones, Anything short of a tablet should fit into this bad boy just fine. A Hook & Loop Closure System integrated into the design helps keep your phone safe and sound and makes it a little easier to open and close your PHOOZY

Taking things even further, PHOOZY’S Apollo II Antimicrobial series integrates an AGION antimicrobial lining to inhibit any growth of germs, bacteria, or microbes to help keep your phone squeaky clean. For anyone looking to keep their mobile device as protected as possible when heading out for a day at the beach in the summer or to shred the mountain during the dead of winter, having a Phoozy on hand can be absolutely game-changing.

Keep your Mobile Device Primed &

Ready To Go In the Most Extreme Conditions!

PHOOZY Apollo II Series

PHOOZY Apollo II Antimicrobial Series

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