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Press Release – Phoozy Donates More Than $25,000 In Protective Device Capsules To Healthcare Workers, Laboratory Workers, and First Responders


CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — PHOOZY, maker of protective capsules for phones, tablets and laptops, is donating more than $25,000 in products to healthcare workers, laboratory workers, and first responders across the nation. The capsules will offer extra protection for their devices by reducing exposure to viruses, germs and bacteria and will help keep them cleaner and safer in the environments where they work.  

“Our phones are the go-to device for quick, pertinent medical information and our primary mode of communication,” said Dr. Charles Barrett, “PHOOZY capsules allow us to have our phone shielded from contamination, providing added protection which gives us the confidence to use our phones in the hospital. We are very grateful to PHOOZY for providing our staff with their products during this difficult time.” 

“We are honored to be able to step in and help during this Coronavirus pandemic,” said Co-owner and CEO of PHOOZY Kevin Conway. “Over the past week we’ve received several inquiries from workers looking to keep their devices clean and protected during this critical time. We are happy to donate products to those serving on the front lines of this pandemic.”

PHOOZY is donating 600 capsules to teams in Georgia, South Carolina, Illinois, Ohio, and Charlotte, North Carolina where PHOOZY is based. The brand is looking to outfit even more facilities with their phone capsules and is inviting members of the public to fill out this form to recommend a facility in need.

“Our laboratory staff is working day in and day out to help ‘flatten the curve’ of COVID-19. Cell phones are such a huge magnet for microorganisms, that one more line of defense in this battle cannot be underestimated,” commented Colin Rogers, CEO Ipsum Diagnostics, FDA EUA COVID-19 Approved laboratory. “Keeping everyone virus free, and assisting in settling the nerves of our staff during these anxious times cannot be understated. We are extremely thankful to the folks at PHOOZY for providing these products to our lab staff.”

Additionally, PHOOZY just launched a new giveback program; for every purchase on PHOOZY.com, the company will donate an Apollo Series Thermal Capsule to doctors, nurses and other hospital staffers, as well as police, fire and medic teams in communities across the nation. PHOOZY is providing a sitewide discount of 20% during this program.

To learn more, go to PHOOZY.com/GiveBack.

Read the full press release here.

This content has been provided and sponsored by Phoozy

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