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Phoozy XP3

We’ve all been there. Spend a day at the beach or a local ski mountain and within minutes your fully charged battery is sitting at 11% and hanging on by a threat. Phoozy was designed to fight that and provide maximum protection to your mobile device, tablet, or laptop. Beyond that it offers an incredible amount of protection from physical damage with some high quality padding and even floats. This is phone protection taken to a whole new level.

Key Features:

  • UltraSkin Ripstop exterior with UV and hydrophobic coatings add an tough layer of protection for harsh environments

  • Impactor Core 2.0 exceeds Military Standard (810G 516.6) for shock and impact, protecting your device from drops of up to nine feet (3 meters)

  • EZ-Open UltraGrip pull tabs allow for easy access in any conditions – even with gloves or wet or muddy hands

  • Multi-Point Attachment System allows for use with belt, carabiner, lanyard or PHOOZY Tether System

  • Internal Stash Pocket for credit cards, license, ID and cash eliminates the need to carry a bulky wallet

  • SinkProof Technology keeps your device afloat in any water conditions

  • Chromium Thermal Barrier reflects more than 90% of the solar radiation generated by the sun to help prevent your device from overheating

  • Constructed using a matrix of NASA inspired materials to extend battery life in cold conditions while helping maintain a safe operating temperature of your device in high temps

Keep Your Phone and Mobile Device Safe With Phoozy!

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