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Pyro Putty All Season Fire Kit | RY Outfitters Spotlight

Pyro Putty All Season Fire Kit

Nothing could be worse than planning a camping trip and mother nature fighting against you and not letting you start your fire. But Pyro Putty has developed a bullet-proof way to light fires no matter what kind of weather is standing in your way.

Pyro Putty is an American made company that creates a non-toxic fire starter that makes lighting a fire in any condition easy so you’re always prepared to start a fire no matter what mother nature throws at you. Will Bartlett founded Pyro Putting after he discovered that most people relied on a propane torch to light their stoves or campfires. Wanting to provide adventurists a better solution, he created a non toxic, waterproof and lightweight fire starting solution that can stand up to all the seasons.

The All-Season Fire Kit  is all about innovative fire starting solutions for when you need them the most. It is designed to make starting a fire quick and easy under any conditions. It includes a telescoping fire bellow, dual arch rechargeable lighter and a 5 pack of ½ oz cans of putty. 2 summer blend, 2 winter blend, and 1 eco blend. A nickel-sized piece of the putty will burn for 10-15 minutes! Plus, the dual arch rechargeable lighter is a game changer and will save you from those weak unreliable lighters that are always running out of fuel.

All the products in this kit are not only made in the USA, but they are waterproof, lightweight, and most important of all – they never expire. Unlike a lot of other fire starting solutions out there, Pyro Putty guarantees that their products won’t expire with lifetime assurance and an unlimited shelf life.

Being prepared to start a fire is the most important thing you can do for pretty much any outdoor adventure. The thing is, you need a way to make sure Mother Nature won’t be able to keep you from starting a fire to stay warm, cook food, or survive comfortably through the night. Having Pyro Putty on hand will help keep you ready for when mother nature tries to rain on your parade. There will be no stopping you from lighting a fire no matter what the conditions are. 

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