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Renoun Citadel 106 Skis | RY Outfitters Spotlight

Renoun Citadel 106 Skis

Renoun makes High-tech skis designed for long days on the hill. Not just because they’re so incredible you’ll want to keep going but because they actually use some pretty incredible propriety materials to actively prevent vibration. 

You may have heard of it at this point since Renoun has been around for a bit but, I’m talking about their VibeStop technology. This patented anti-vibration technology is used to decrease chatter so you get less foot fatigue while riding. This also happens to be the only active dampening technology on the market that literally adapts the ski to decrease impacts on your body. 

Ok, so what REALLY is it. Well, it’s basically this crazy polymer that Renoun injects inside their ski to absorb vibrations so your knees don’t have to and keep your edges in better contact with the snow. They’ve patented VibeStop and won multiple national and international awards for their innovation.

They actually adapted the technology to be used underneath basketball floors to decrease vibration in athletes’ knees. Trae Young just installed a floor at his house….seriously, he made an Instagram post about it and everything, check it out.

Renoun also patented the use of this stuff inside surfboards and boat hauls as well – these guys are thinking so much bigger than just skis, it’s wild…but, we’re not here to talk about basketballs and surfboard.

Today we’re going to be focusing on the Renoun Citadel 106. This ski has a full carbon fiber construction with an aspen wood core. Their VibeStop™ polymer is embedded inside the core to allow the ski to absorb that high-frequency ‘buzzing’ you get from a typical carbon ski that no one likes. It’s really just a “ridiculously stable ski. Plus, at 106mm underfoot it’s wide enough for the powder days but can still rail groomers. These skis are oriented a little more towards softer snow but, can work incredibly well as daily drivers

Honestly, skis can be a pretty personal thing and it really matters what YOU are looking for. If you want a pair of park noodles this probably won’t be what you’re looking for. But, if you want some versatility and some extra dampening when you’re really getting after it then, you should definitely think about picking up a pair of Renoun’s 106 Citadels.

Renoun Citday 106 Skis

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