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Renoun Z-90

The Renoun Z-90s are an amazing all mountain ski that you can really take anywhere. This ski has classic build but completely upgraded with modern technology, most notably Renoun’s HDT™ core. While older on-piste skis were solely meant for groomers and couldn’t stand a chance anywhere else, the Z-90s break the mold by standing a chance beyond groomed trails. Though the Z-90s are certainly all mountain skis, the undoubtably shine brightest on groomers. After taking them out for well more than a few runs, we’ve come to the conclusion that these may in fact be the ultimate east coast ski.

Renoun Z90 Specs

  • Precise Engineering. Every Z-Line is engineered with smart HDT™ for effortless control and unmatched stability. It’s the best thing since metal edges. 

  • The HDT Polymer. Eight HDT™ channels are inlayed into every Z-Line ski. With this 13-15% swap-out of the Maple core, we’ve increased stability by over 300% via lower vibrations. Translation? Unimaginable control. Learn more about HDT >

  • Solid Canadian Maple. Maple core + HDT™ gives an uncompromised mixture of strength, weight, and pop. Your turns become nimble and effortless. 

  • Tougher Sidewalls. UHMW sidewall is better than its weaker PBC counterpart. Stronger sidewalls translate to stronger, longer lasting & more durable skis.

  • Hardened Steel Edges. 1.8 mm hardened steel edges stay sharp longer and give you a more consistent and enjoyable experience. Season after season.

  • Full Metal. A full sheet of titanal metal and carbon fiber combined with triaxial fiberglass is the perfect blend. The metal adds an extra level of stability, while the carbon keeps the weight increase negligible. This is how skis are supposed to feel.

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