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Rhino Skin Solutions

Skin care isn’t the first thing you’d probably think of when considering how to boost your performance but, maybe that’s thing that’s holding you back? Rhino Skin Solutions makes performance based skin care products aimed at helping athletes stay on top of their a-game (yes even athletes need to worry about their skin). It’s no brainer that this is something that could make or break training for climbers but even mountain bikers, skiers, snowboarders, etc. can benefit from their products. I had a chance to give their performance lotion and massage lotion a shot and can full heartedly attest to the quality of these products. Rhino Skin doesn’t just have recovery products, they also have lotions to help hydrate your skin to keep them from crack and salves to prevent perspiration so you can get a grip. If you are just getting into climbing or have never really given skin care a shot Rhino Skin Solution is exactly what you never knew you needed.

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Treat yo’self AND your skin with some Rhino Skin Solutions products!

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