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Powerful Torque Electric Bike

Are you ready to up your bicycle game without breaking the bank? Ride1Up is an Electric Bike company who is on a mission to get more people on bikes by making ebikes affordable without sacrificing the quality.

With a goal to get more people on bikes, Ride1Up is an electric bike brand that offers the best value ebikes on the market without sacrificing on quality or performance. Built with name-brand components, their ebikes are built to last. They design and build their bikes to last with high-quality components that will perform and extend the lifetime of the bike. And best of all, they’re proud to proclaim that spec for spec, you won’t find a better value anywhere else

Ride1Up is innovating dozens of bikes that can match anyone’s riding needs and budget, but today we are going to be looking specifically at the LMT’D. This powerful bike is both lightweight and designed with torque in mind.

Let’s take a closer look at this sweet ride.

Built with name-brand components like Shimano and Tektro, it has a 750W motor with 100nm (newton meters) of torque and  a range of 30-50+ miles per charge. Just think about how far you could ride this thing without having to charge it, especially when you can go up to 28MPH on pedal assist.

It has hydraulic disc brakes for stopping on a dime and front suspension to keep you as comfortable as possible while on your ride. But the features don’t end there. It has integrated components such as the battery, motor, controller and comes in both step-through and step-over frames. Plus, the integrated torque sensor allows for a more responsive riding experience.

The adventures you could take on this electric bike while conserving massive amounts of energy is endless.

If you’re wanting to up your adventure game or have a better mode of transportation in your local area, check out Ride1Up and give their LMDT’D ebike a try!

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