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Riomar Deck Drivers | RY Outfitters Spotlight

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Riomar Deck Drivers

Riomar makes waterproof leather shoes with interchangeable bearings designed for anyone looking to go from the beach to the boardroom without missing a beat. The aesthetic is dressy but the functionality is big. For anyone who gets out on the water at the crack of dawn just before work, these are going to be your bread and butter. 

Riomar’s Deck Driver shoes are a crossover of the functionality of water shoes and the style of boat shoes. The Deck Driver performs equally well on or off the water. Form-fitting and flexible, the Deck Driver was made from the sole up for superior all-around performance. Their Soles are Nonskid and Non-marking so they’re great for walking around on docks, boats, and wet surfaces of all kinds plus, you have the added benefit of not having to worry about scuffing up your boat.

Obviously, when things get soggy they can get a little ripe. Luckily that’s not the case with Riomar’s shoes because their inner lining is Odor-proof and Antimicrobial, but, most importantly, comfortable. Their leather Insoles are surprisingly comfortable when dry or wet.

What really sets Riomar’s shoes apart is their patented interchangeable bearing design. While with most shoes, what you see is what you get, Riomar added a wide variety of bearings to choose from to personalize your look. Think of it kind of like a tie for your shoes. This shoe comes dressed with the Riomar Burgee Bearing. But, you can pick up a bunch of others. These hand-tied bearings add a lot of character to the shoes and make it a little easier to 

If you’re looking for an incredible pair of water shoes that are great for multiple occasions then Riomar’s Deck Drives could be a great option to check out. After all, functional fashion is a huge time saver!

Grab a pair of Riomar’s Deck Drivers

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