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#224 Winterstick – One Of The Oldest Pioneers of Snowboarding. President & Head Engineer of Winterstick, Rob Lu, Sharing His Story.



One of the Pioneers of Snowboarding

Holding it down since 1976

To find out more about how Winterstick got its start and what’s in store for the future, Matt interviews Winterstick President, Rob Lu

More about the episode

Matt sits down with Winterstick President Rob Lu. Winterstick is a snowboard brand originally started by Dimitrije Milovich who brought to life some of the first pow surfs. In essence, he gave us the tools to surf the earth. Winterstick has had quite a journey since then. Today Lu, is largely responsible for a lot of the progressive shapes coming out of this pioneering brand. In this episode, Rob discusses where Winterstick lies in the tapestry of snowboarding history, trend-setting design elements, coming back into vogue, and some tips on how to break into the snowboarding industry.

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Show Notes/TimeStamps

  • 01:23 — Who are You? Rob Lu

  • 01:33 — What is Winterstick?

  • 02:06 — What’s your background in? How did you get involved with Winterstick?

  • 03:54 — What’s the story behind Winterstick? How did it get started?

  • 05:50 — Why Winterstick? Why not start from scratch?

  • 08:32 — How did you develop your products? What testing went into it? What was that process like?

  • 11:34 — What were some BIG changes that you made to Winterstick to bring it into the 21st century?

  • 13:55 — What do you think is the next big innovation for snowboarding? Or at least the next big trend?

  • 17:10 — Covid is really taking a hit to resorts. Is this the year splitboarding takes off?

  • 19:22 — What is Winterstick commitment to sustainable manufacturing?

  • 20:17 — If you could change one thing about the Snowboard industry what would it be?

  • 23:08 — What are some of the biggest mistakes you have made you’ve made along your career

  • 24:28 — What advice would you give to someone that wanted to get into the snow industry?

  • 27:02 — What’s the best part about being at the helm of Winterstick’s design team?



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