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Rok Form Rugged Case + V4 Pro Series Bike Phone Mount | RY Outfitters Spotlight


Rok Form Rugged Case + V4 Pro Series Bike Phone Mount

Rok Form’s iPhone Rugged Case is the perfect case for any adventure seeker who wants a little more assurance on the trail. With 4x more screen protection where it’s needed most, this thing was truly built to take a beating without worry. Powerful magnets are built into the design that that instantly mount to magnetic surfaces and textured grips on the magnets are included to prevents sliding. On top of that, the case itself has a textured anti-slip grip and is scratch-resistant too! Although it’s built to take a beating it’s not bulky at all and their RokLock Twist adds an extra layer of accountability when mounting (Not only does it physically locks in but its built-in magnet makes with way more secure).

When paired with Rok Form’s V4 Pro Series Bike Phone Mount it becomes the ultimate option to keep your phone safe and accessible when on the road or trail. It provides easy access and a clear view of your phone while you ride bike and it’s slim design is lightweight and not bulky or obtrusive making it easier for you to ride your bike.

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