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Say Goodbye to Shattered Phone Screens

Are you constantly dropping your phone while on your awesome adventure or even just hanging out at home? Your phone is lying face down on the floor and as you go to pick it up, you’re crossing your fingers that THIS isn’t the time that your screen has shattered. Have you ever been there?

For more than 12 years, Rokform’s designers have been engineering the latest in cell phone protection. With the top-rated Rugged and Crystal series cases that incorporate extra-strength magnets into their design, you also gain access to the RokLock ecosystem of mounts and accessories to go beyond protection with Rokform.

Even though Rockform has many different products to protect your phone, today we are going to be looking at one case in particular that is designed with the outdoors in mind. The iPhone 14 Rugged and Crystal cases provide upgraded protection, increased grip on metal surfaces, and a slimmer feel. It’s an industry-leading magnetic phone case with a rugged design that is engineered for abuse.

Designed and tested in California, it has 5 key features we’re going to look at. First, The magnetic case. This case has a 4-5x stronger hold on all MagSafe® compatible accessories and any magnetic surface with built-in industrial-grade magnets. Say goodbye to accessories slipping off your case and hello to secure and safe!

Next, is the military-grade protection. Reinforced corners and enhanced screen and camera protection absorbs shocks and drops up to 4x better than other cases and even exceeds Military Grade Drop Test standards.

Thirdly is the Twist Lock. This is a built-in RokLock® Twist lock system that enables you to use all their twist lock bike mounts, motorcycle mounts, and car mounts to keep your phone secure while you’re on the go.

And last but certainly not least, is that Rockform is both slim and lightweight. These cases fit your phone perfectly while providing 6-sided 360-degree protection without being bulky.

If you’ve ever been worried about picking up a shattered screen after a long drop of your phone, you may want to check out Rockform before you head out on your next adventure. Besides, who wants to deal with the hassle of replacing your phone screen anyways?

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