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The RY Outfitters Podcast EP: #154 RoofNest – Roof Top Shelters Turning Your Car Into A Mobile Campsite. Founder Tim Nickles Sharing His Story.

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Annual Camping Trip Getting A Little Stale?

Maybe It’s Time To Grab A Roofnest To Elevate Your Camping Experience

To find out more behind how Roofnest got its start and what’s in store for the future, Josh interviews Roofnest founder, Tim Nickles

More about the episode

Josh sits down with Roofnest founder Tim Nickles. RoofNest is a brand offering affordable and extremely spacious rooftop tents which are an improvement on the traditional method of car camping. They’re hardshell tent so they collapsable to be compact but expand to become basically, a bedroom on your car. Nickles developed this idea back in 2016 when he wanted to make his own camper. He wanted to get a rooftop tent but, were hard to get and expensive. Having dabbled in selling things in bulk from Chinese producers, he started looking for Asian manufacturers for rooftop tents, but wasn’t satisfied with his options. Although he never planned to start a business, he decided to make his own and make drastic improvements, and as things started to develop in such a positive life, so did RoofNest.

“Roofnest is a brand that sells mainly rooftop tents, which are a big improvement on traditional ways of car camping, it’s basically a tent that goes on top of your car. And there’s a bunch of varieties of that kind of thing. I mean, from tricked out vans to, you know, people with just platforms on their roof. But rooftop tents are kind of an enclosed bedroom up on your roof and the kind we sell are hard shell rooftop tents. So they kind of look like a wide, low storage box. But then they pop up and have a mattress inside. Most of our tents, you can store your bedding in them. So it’s basically like having a bedroom on your car and you park it anywhere and sleep whenever you want.”

— Tim Nickles

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