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Rowdy Energy Drinks

Rowdy Energy is an energy beverage that’s designed to give you lasting energy fortified with vitamins and minerals to keep you hydrated, giving you a slower burning boost of energy. Their beverages contain little to no sugar and contain better-for-you ingredients to prevent any kind of caffeine crash and they taste fantastic! Rowdy isn’t designed to be a blast of energy, but, actually gives you longer-lasting energy, a boost in focus, and hydration to keep your mind and body sharp. Each of their beverages are Fortified with L-Theanine, a nootropic proven to offset caffeine jitters and smooth the edges of energy as well as help you stay focused. On top of that, they’re also Boosted with electrolytes to give your body more of what it needs- potassium, magnesium, and a small amount of sodium. Rowdy Energy drinks have no artificial flavors or colors (everything is naturally derived from fruits & vegetables) are super low in calories and have reduced and no sugar (depending on which flavors you go for). If you’re looking for a great replacement for energy drinks that tend to have a lot of chemicals or be high in sugar then Rowdy Energy is worth cracking into!

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