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Saola Shoes Cannon:

With the Textile industry being the world’s second largest polluter it’s no wonder that Saola Shoes has taken such an aggressive step towards creating sustainable footwear and we are PSYCHED the way the Cannon turned out. Their take on the casual street sneaker hits the nail on the head in terms of style offering a variety of color schemes to cater to your style. Not only are the Saola Cannons easy on the eyes, they’re also super lightweight, comfortable, and eco-friendly shoes for everyday adventures.

What we’re stoked about:

  • Ultra lightweight, flexible, and comfortable as hell

  • Uppers made from 100% recycled PET from plastic bottles giving the look and feel of suede and made from 3-4 recycled plastic bottles.

  • Insoles + soles made from an algae foam. By harvesting excess algae biomass from freshwater ways, freshwater systems are subjected to better water flow to natural ecosystems while utilizing a less harmful and sustainable resource.

  • Algae based outsole is surprisingly lightweight, so they’re easy to wear and easy to pack. Rubber panels at high-contact points assure long-lasting durability.

  • Algae foam + cork insoles provide comfortable cushion (and removable if you have other insole needs).

  • Laces made from organic cotton.

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Filmed at & Supported by Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge


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