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Sawyer Permethrin Insect Repellent

Mosquitoes can completely ruin your time outside and ticks actually can be fairly dangerous especially when Lyme’s disease is on the table. Sawyer’s Permethrin Insect Repellent for clothing, gear, and tents is the perfect preventative measure for keeping ticks at bay and preventing bitty insects from ruining your time outdoors. This is a spray to treat your gear, clothing, and outdoor furniture before you use it, the idea being you treat it ahead of time and it’s pretty much good to go.

The magic of Sawyer’s Permethrin is that it’s designed to make you more than 70% less likely to get bitten by a tick after use and it lasts 6 weeks or 6 washes after it’s dried. This stuff is totally odorless after it drys so there is absolutely no leftover chemical stank from treating your clothing, gear, or outdoor furniture. Sawyer’s permethrin is incredible for Outdoor Furniture, clothing, dog collars, tents and is great for not just for super outdoorsy hikers and campers but also for people who have a dog and a backyard. 

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